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As a becoming frontend designer with a focus on interactive media and AI-optimized design & SEO, I am dedicated to crafting engaging digital experiences. Leveraging my passion for AI, I harness intelligent interactions to elevate user experience and actively contribute to shaping the future of the digital landscape.


Designer & Developer in Progress


In the span of the last few years, I’ve carved a niche for myself as a web designer, content creator, and graphics & editorial designer. During Study and Learning, I have dedicated my energy and talent towards building and enhancing my digital landscape.

My work has been a journey of learning, not just about the technical aspects of my roles but also about the nuanced art of creating experiences that resonate with diverse recipients. I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of problem-solving in a digital context, where creativity meets functionality in a dance that shapes user interactions.

The future holds a canvas of potential, and I’m eager to contribute my colors to the unfolding digital landscape.


Something more about my way…

My name is Michael, and I define myself through multiple roles – a passionate technology enthusiast, a proud family man, and a dedicated media student at the prestigious University of Applied Sciences in Kiel. My journey thus far is not only diverse but also fascinating, shaped by an ongoing willingness to learn, adapt, and grow…

Branding & Design

Branding and design are more than logos or colors. They’re a symphony of symbols that ignite loyalty and etch an indelible presence in consumers‘ minds. Now, supercharge it with User Experience (UX)!

In our digital age, UX isn’t optional, it’s vital! It’s about making every interaction seamless and enjoyable. Good UX means engaging customers and creating emotional bonds.

Brands using UX don’t just deliver; they create unforgettable experiences. It’s not what you offer, but how you make users feel. With UX, lead the pack, capture hearts and conquer markets!

Research & Development

Research and Development (R&D) form the bedrock of advancement in the digital landscape. Far from being mere departments or budgetary allocations, they represent the relentless pursuit of innovation, facilitating businesses to maintain a cutting-edge position within their industries.

Inject your brand with a robust R&D strategy to gain an unparalleled competitive advantage. Brace yourself for disruptive innovation and a commanding market presence! With R&D as the backbone of your strategies, be the architect of change, stimulate intellectual curiosity, and become the architect of the future!

How „Me“ Work(s)

My Approach

01. Brief

Lay the foundation for a successful campaign. Outline objectives, target audience, and key messages, guide the development of a compelling narrative.

02. Research

uncover vital insights into consumer behavior, competition, and market trends. Helping brands understand their audience, shaping impactful, data-driven campaigns is crucial.

03. Strategy

It’s the blueprint for reaching the audience effectively. It integrates all elements – from channels, timing, messaging to budget – ensuring brand goals are met. Meet your future!